Visit our website from time to time or subscribe to our newsletter, every so often we offer new offers of varied items of household goods, but also of technology.

They are punctual offers of articles of stock, or complete items coming from auctions, closures, etc.

That's why we get the best quality at the best prices. But we can not always offer the same products, because being so cheap they are sold quickly and we offer a new promotion.

These are the items that we usually have for sale:

Packaging machines:

Vacuum packing machines, vacuum pumps, vacuum packaging machines, accessories for vacuum packaging, bags, vacuum packaging rolls, vacuum wine storage kits, spare parts, hermetic containers for the preservation of food, all of The best quality.

Kitchen robots:

Robots of kitchen for infant feeding, sterilizers of baby bottles, alimentary weights,


Dishes to put in the oven, original and of various colors, pans, pots, pots

Small household appliance:

Hair dryers, coffee makers, toasters, ceramic hair irons, vacuum cleaners


The mobiles with better quality-price ratio, Chinese mobiles with European quality standards at the best price.

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We have the items in stock and they are shipped from Spain with a maximum of 48 hours in your home.

Buy with confidence and visit our website periodically, just in case we have the offer you need at this moment.